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Air Canteen is a rapidly expanding food service company, owning a brand portfolio of coffee shops, snack bars and restaurants located inside the largest Greek airports.

Our company was founded in 2017 and today operates 58 stores in 9 Greek airports and in the largest Greek Exhibition Center. Its mission is mainly to develop contemporary food service concepts in captive markets internationally, such as in premium POS in the street markets.

It is a subsidiary of “Gregory’s” SA, which is the leading snack franchise retailer in Greece.

Today, with 360 stores in 4 countries it is the 9th biggest coffee store chain in Europe.

At a Glance..

January 2017


First Operation April 2017

12 Stores in 5 Fraport’s Greek Airports

October 2017

Added 5 Stores in Athens International Airport

April 2018

Added 2 Stores in Chania Airport Added 3 Stores in Rhodes Airport Added 1 Store in Thessaloniki Airport Added 1 Store in Zante Airport

October 2018

Added 7 Stores and 2 Restaurants in in the largest Greek Exhibition Center

April 2019

Added 2 Stores in Rhodes Airport and 1 Store in Zante Airport

May 2019

Partnership with Cinnabon 1 Store in Athens International Airport

February 2020

Added 1 Restaurant in Athens International Airport

July 2020

Added 1 Store in Corfu Airport

October 2020

Added 3 stores in Kos Airport

May 2021

Added 1 store in Thessaloniki Airport

June 2021

Partnership with Terkenlis Added 2 Stores in Thessaloniki Airport Added 1 store in Santorini Airport

July 2021

Added 1 store in Santorini Airport

August 2021

Added 1 store in Kos Airport

Spring & Summer 2022

Added 2 stores in Santorini Airport Added 2 stores in Corfu Airport Added 1 stores in Kos Airport Added 1 stores in Mytilene Airport

July 2022

 Partnership with Bufala Gelato 1 store in Athens International Airport

November 2022

Partnership with Ancho Mexican Grill 1 store in Athens International Airport

July 2023

Added 1 store in Zante Airport


Our values define who we are and how we do business. More than principles, they guide our actions and describe how we work with our customers, business partners and each other.


With Love
With Goodness
With Respect
With Honesty / Authenticity
With Faith


With Inovation
With Training
With Versatilithy


For the team
For the company
For innovated products
For the customers

Food Safety

For Customers
For employees

Food safety management systems

Quality management system

Environmental management systems

Occupational health and safety


Our Expertise

Travel Food Services bring you the best in service, ambience and global cuisine, across multiple travel environments in airports. We serve over 6.000.000 passengers annually across key travel hubs, relentlessly delivering customer delight through exciting and unique offerings. Maintaining the highest global standards has always been our main focus, as we always cater for the best in multiple travel points, with novel concepts and excellent service. With our deep understanding of varied consumer segments we have created all-embracing culinary experiences across airports. At all locations AIRCANTEEN has created a wonderful balance of regional flavor and global favorites.

AIRCANTEEN operates innovative and casual projects of restaurants and coffee places. We bring together the choicest spread of international cuisines and casual dining for prestigious travelers.

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We operate in some of the largest semi captive markets in Greece.

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